How To Lose Weight In Your 50s

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As you approach your 50s, you may find that you can’t lose weight like you could when you were in your 20s and 30s. It can seem worrying, but it doesn’t need to be! 

Most women find losing weight in their 50s difficult, but just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s not possible. By following the diets and exercises outlined in this article, as well as a change in mindset! 

Read on to find out everything that you need to lose weight! 


How To Lose Weight in Your 50s?

Losing weight means making a lot of changes to your lifestyle where food and exercise are concerned. This can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’re undertaking this challenge alone. 

In order to ensure that you don’t fall off the wagon, team up with a friend or partner! If you’re sharing this journey with someone else, you can encourage each other to stick with your new diets and go to the gym together!  

Another good way to lose weight is to keep on moving. If you work in an office or work from home, you will find yourself sitting at a desk for long periods, which can impede your weight loss efforts. 

In order to counteract this, try being more active at work by taking a 5-minute walk around the office every hour. Investing in a product like a standing desk can also help with losing weight. 

Of course, keeping active is only one part of losing weight. Your diet is also incredibly important in your weight loss journey and can be massively helped by cooking at home instead of going out for meals. 

By cooking your own meals, you can control what goes in your recipes and what stays out of them – and, as an added bonus to the weight loss, it’ll save you money! 


What Kind of Exercises Should You Do for Losing Weight in Your 50s?

The world of exercise is a confusing one with a variety of different classes, gym equipment, and exercises out there, but you don’t need to be doing anything particularly advanced to be losing weight. 

Sticking to a simple exercise routine can change the way your body looks for the better! It’s all about finding what works for you and what doesn’t. And remember, everybody is different, so what works for one person will not necessarily work for you, and vice versa. 

Here are a few exercises to get you on the right path: 


  • Weights – Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you’re going to end up looking like a bodybuilder! After turning 50, you begin to lose muscle mass, but this can be counteracted with a well-structured weight-training program as it can help to speed up your metabolism! This can be as simple as lifting hand weights for eight repetitions and gradually working up to twelve.  
  • Aerobic Exercise – this can be walking, jogging, swimming, or dancing. These kinds of exercises work the larger muscles in your body, helping the cardiovascular system as well as helping with weight loss. 
  • Stretching – Stretching helps maintain flexibility and a range of motion in your joints. The more flexible you are, the more exercises your body can perform, and the more weight you will lose! Yoga and Pilates are good ways to do this. 


Getting in touch with a personal trainer is also recommended, as they will be able to create the best routine for your goals. 


What Type of Diet Should You Do for Losing Weight in Your 50s?

With so many different diets out there, it can be difficult to know which are fads and which will genuinely help you on your weight loss journey. 

Finding that perfect diet for you is a case of trial and error, but speaking to a dietitian or a medical professional will help you achieve the very best results.

For now, here are some diets that will help you on your weight loss journey! 


  • Everything in moderation – This is essentially portion control. This diet allows you to eat all the foods that you love but in smaller quantities. This is a great beginner’s diet as it eases you into the idea of changing the way you eat. 
  • Mediterranean diet – This also doesn’t restrict or eliminate any food groups but does encourage moderation. It also emphasizes carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and whole grains, which have a lot of fiber. It will also make you feel fuller for longer, which means you won’t be snacking and consuming unnecessary calories. 
  • Paleo – High protein, a low carbohydrate meal plan that is rich in eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and unprocessed meat. It promotes healthy hormone production, which is perfect if you are going through menopause. 


Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight in Your 50s?

There are a number of reasons that it’s difficult to lose weight when you’re in your 50s, and it’s important to note that these things all happen naturally and are not your fault! 

One of the reasons that it’s so hard to lose weight in your 50s is because we lose lean muscle mass, which slows your metabolism down, which is why toning up using weights is so important when trying to lose weight. 

Additionally, as we get older, we tend to decrease activity which means that fewer calories are burned. 

Perhaps the main reason that it’s so hard to lose weight is because of the changes that our bodies go through, namely menopause. Menopause affects a woman’s body in a variety of different ways, and weight gain is one of the symptoms of menopause. 


What Should You Avoid Doing if You’re Trying to Lose Weight in Your 50s?

Now that you know all the things that you should be doing to lose weight in your 50s, let’s take a look at things that might hinder that process: 


  • Avoid eating cured meats like hot dogs, sausages, and bacon. They are high in fat and sodium and offer little nutrition. Also, avoid frozen meals as these tend to be low in vegetables and protein but high in sodium and saturated fat. 
  •  Don’t surround yourself with people who are unsupportive. If your friends are not encouraging you to stick with your diet or suggesting you skip the gym, it’s best to avoid them. 
  • Don’t try to do it all at once. If you immediately cut out all your favorite foods and begin exercising seven days a week, you’ll achieve nothing but burnout and potentially injure yourself. Weight loss takes time, and you still need to look after your body even if you’re not happy with how it looks. 


Final Thoughts on How to Lose Weight in Your 50s

And there you have it, everything you need to know about losing weight in your 50s. With all the changes your body goes through, this will take time and effort, but stick at it! With hard work and a positive mindset, you’ll soon be seeing the changes you want!


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