Does the Theragun Really Work on Cellulite? Well…

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Back of an old woman - Does the Theragun Really Work on Cellulite?

Cellulite is a completely natural part of the human body that affects the majority of the population – but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t leave people feeling self conscious about their body as a result. 

So what can help with the appearance of cellulite? There are many different treatments that may help with cellulite, but perhaps one of the most surprising is a massage gun. 


Is Theragun Good for Removing Cellulite?

If used properly, Theragun works well for minimizing the appearance of cellulite, but not necessarily removing it all together. 

In order to get the best results, Theragun should be regularly used alongside other treatments such as creams, massages, exercise and laser treatments. 


How Does Theragun Help Removing Cellulite?

Theragun helps to remove cellulite through percussion-like movements. This kind of movement stimulates the muscles which improves blood circulation that encourages the breakdown of cellulite. Put more simply: as fats are distributed, the dimpled skin will become smooth. 


Why Should You Try Using a Theragun for Removing Cellulite?

Buying a Theragun is quite the investment with the prices ranging between $200 and $600, but if you struggle with your cellulite it might be a good investment to make. 

Cellulite removal relies on constant treatment, so if you are between massage or laser appointments, then your own Theragun is the perfect way to keep on top of treatments! 

Additionally, Theragun is a one time investment, where creams and other treatments have to be bought over and over again and may end up being more expensive in the long run. 

And, as a small bonus – Theraguns feel nice! They are massage guns, so when you aren’t treating your cellulite, you can pamper yourself with a small massage! 


Can Theragun Permanently Remove Cellulite?

Theragun cannot permanently remove cellulite; it is a natural part of our body that will never truly go away, but it can improve appearance through repeated treatments! 

It improves appearances by: 


  • Draining excess body fluid 
  • Redistributing fat cells 
  • Improving circulation 
  • Plumping up skin


How To Use Theragun for Removing Cellulite?

In order to get the best results out of your Theragun, you need to know the correct way to use it. One of the most important things to remember is to use it alongside creams, lotions and other treatments regularly. 

As for the machine itself, the directions for use are quite simple: 


  • Turn the machine on to the medium speed 
  • Use at a straight angle, moving the head in circular motion with a consistent pressure. 
  • Focus on each area for 1-2 minutes and be mindful of any pain that may occur. Don’t fight through the pain and give yourself breaks when needed! 


Final Thoughts on Does Theragun work with Cellulite

The bottom line is that whilst Theragun may not be able to completely remove cellulite, it can certainly help in the reduction of appearance when used alongside other treatments. 

But remember: Cellulite is completely natural and is nothing to be ashamed of! 


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