Which Sydney Cummings Program Should I Do?

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There are millions of people across the globe that are looking to lose little weight and trim down. Finding the right fit when it comes to a personal trainer, though, can be challenging, and if you don’t have the freedom to go to a gym, what do you do?

Sydney Cummings answered that question by creating a whole platform of free workouts on her YouTube channel.

There are so many different options that if you’re looking to join the “Sydney Squad,” you may be overwhelmed and unsure of which ones to do. The choice of what program you should do depends on what you’re looking to achieve and your physical capabilities.

So we’re going to take a look at what Sydney Cummings has to offer and talk about some of her programs to help you figure out which Sydney Cummings program you should do.


How Many Days is Sydney Cummings Ignite Program?

One of the most popular when it comes to Sidney programs is the ignite program. The program consists of six workouts a week plus one day for recovery and stretching. Every day each workout includes a warm-up and a cool-down.

The Ignite program is great for those that are looking for full body and core strength building. It is challenging, and yet at the end of the 28 days, if you’re consistent, you will see a marked improvement in your overall physique and your self-confidence.


Which One is the Best for Beginners?

The good thing is that Sydney has a wealth of different programs and videos available for you to choose from. From excellent 30-minute workouts for beginners to ones that are 10 and 15 minutes, that could be perfect for building your stamina up.

When it comes to programs though, Ignite may be the best option. Though it is a challenging program, it does build as it goes, and that allows a beginner to also build as they go.


Which One is Good if You Work Out Regularly?

If you’re someone who works out regularly, then you want a more difficult challenge. That could be an extended program or one that is high impact but shorter. Sydney Cummings offers an athletic speed workout that could be the ticket for you.

There are full body movements in this workout, and you don’t have any necessary equipment.

That means that you can do it anywhere and at any time as long as you have 60 minutes to dedicate to it. This high-impact athletic speed workout can burn up to 660 calories. That’s not too bad!


Which Program is the Most Popular?

Though many of Sydney’s programs are very popular with a wide range of individuals, three seemed to stick out the most- Arise, Burn, and Ignite. Each offers a wide range of exercises intended to build up stamina and burn calories.

In the end, though it doesn’t matter which one is the most popular, you should try to match the program to your needs and your physical capabilities.

By doing that, you’ll find the right fit, and we’re sure that one of the popular programs we discussed above will inevitably be on your to-watch list.


Which One is the Hardest?

If you look at the online forums, you will easily see that the hardest seems to be the “Accelerate.” It is a 28-day program that is high impact and will get even those that workout regularly.

It breaks the process down into cardio, full body, and isolated body movements to elevate the results. Because it is a high-intensity training program, it is by far the hardest that this fitness expert offers.


Final Thoughts on Which Sydney Cummings Program You Should Do

Finding the right program for you that will help you meet your fitness goals is always a challenge. But with the wide variety of options available via Sydney Cummings programs and YouTube channels, you should be able to find just the right one.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is consistently working out, there is something for you there. Starting with something like the ignite program may be the right choice for you if you are a beginner.

However, if you’re a little more advanced, an accelerated or athletic speed workout is a good choice. We hope that I don’t know or look at Sydney Cummings and her programs I don’t know have helped you.