How Much Distance On A Treadmill Is A Mile?

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Person in grey shirts running on a treadmill - How Much Distance On A Treadmill Is A Mile?

When you’re looking to get out there and exercise, you have a wealth of different opportunities. You can go to a gym and hit all the machines, or you can simply hit the local park and take a run.

For those that are not in a place where walking outside or running is a good idea, then oftentimes, the gem is a better option as they are filled with treadmills and other machines that could help with your overall physical health.

Treadmills may be one of the more popular machines in gyms, yet they still have a little mystery around them.

For instance, how far is a mile on a treadmill? The basic number is 1760 yards. But that is not the end of the answer to this question so let’s take a little deeper look.


How Many Miles is in 1 Kilometer?

Not all treadmills measure the distance in miles. There are some that, due to their manufacturer or where they’re located, measure in kilometers. For those unfamiliar with the metric system, you may wonder how many miles is just one kilometer.

In measurement wise, one kilometer is about 0.6 miles. So that means for almost every mile, you are going 2 kilometers.


How Long Do You Need to Run for 1 Mile on Average?

This depends on the individual and their physical capabilities. For those not looking to run competitively but in good shape, typically, it takes about 9 to 10 minutes to run a mile.

On the other hand, if you’re new to running, you may find that you’re looking at more of a 12 to the 15-minute range to make that mile.

On the treadmill, though, that may not be as long, and you may find that if you run this amount of time, the treadmill will tell you that you have gone a further distance.


What are ten distances on a treadmill?

One of the metrics you can adjust on your treadmill is the speed. This is typically set up to range between one and 10.

The definition of these numbers depends on how the treadmill is set up. For those that are utilizing the empirical system, in the end, it will equate to 10 mph (or 16.1 kilometers per hour).

On the other hand, if your treadmill is set up to measure in the metric, then the ten equates to 10 kilometers per hour (that equates to 6.2 mph). Either way, it goes, this metric is adjustable so that you can make sure you’re reaching your exercise goals more effectively.


Is a Mile On a Treadmill the Same?

You may think that a mile on the treadmill is very different from that hitting the road or out on the trails. But the truth is that miles don’t change, so when you do a mile on a treadmill, it is the same mile you would do if you were out in nature.

Why do people think that the mile is different on the treadmill? Maybe because it seems like you’re going in one spot at all times? The only difference is in the effort that it takes to do that mile.

You can, of course, make the treadmill elevated so that the challenges are more, but on the whole, running on a track or outdoors is going to be more challenging.


How Fast is an 8-Minute Mile On a Treadmill?

To set yourself up to hit the goal of writing an 8-minute mile, you may want to understand how many mph that is so that you can set it up on your treadmill.

For example, an eight mil mile equates to 7.5 mph. For those using the metric system, that would be 12 kilometers per hour.

When you hop on the treadmill, you have to set your distance to eight or nine, and you should be able to make that 8-minute mile. Though we suggest you build up to that because that is a remarkable time.


Final Thoughts on How Much Distance On A Treadmill Is A Mile

Basically, a mile on the track is the same as a mile on the treadmill. Where things differ is the difficulty level and also the setup to ensure that you meet that goal.

You can play with the settings on your treadmill and elevate the difficulty, thereby making your workout even more of a challenge and getting you in better physical shape faster.