How Many Calories Should a 120-Pound Woman Eat?

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Even if you are regularly hitting the gym, this can’t be the only tactic you have when losing weight. With so many people struggling with their weight, it’s not surprising that they will not only add physical activity but also do a little calorie counting.

The amount of calories for any individual varies from person to person. So you can lump it into groups of both men and women and then break it down when it comes to physical activity levels and their ultimate weight.

For ladies looking to figure out how many calories they need to take in that way, around 120 pounds, that may be somewhere around the 2160 calories per day marker. So roughly, if they’re active medical professionals would suggest 18 calories per pound.

With that in mind, as we said, 2160 calories would be ideal if the woman is active. But there’s so much more that goes into it, so let’s take a deeper look to ensure that you are getting the right information to set you on the right path to your weight goals.


Is it The Same for Every Woman?

Just like with anything else, there is no set guideline that works for every woman. There are a lot of different factors that play into how our bodies burn calories.

From the individual’s age to the physical activity levels, every little aspect will alter the number of calories necessary to function properly.

A good rule of thumb is that you need to intake 18 calories per pound. But for those that are less active, you may need to take in fewer calories.

Genetics also plays a role, and so does the food you’re ingesting. So though the ideal amount is about 2160 calories per day for a 120-pound woman, this could vary greatly.


How Many Meals Should You Have?

For decades we were told three square meals is the way to stay healthy. But that isn’t necessarily always the case. In fact, many experts nowadays suggest having breakfast and then five to six smaller meals throughout the day to help maintain your metabolism.

Of course, some extras still suggest that the standard three meals are ideal. This could be three meals and then a snack as needed. Those who still prescribe this stick with it because it gives your body enough time to digest everything properly.

In the end, how many times you eat really depends on you. Just like how many calories you should intake, things like your age, body composition, and physical activity can all play a role in determining which method is best for you.


What if You Exercise Daily?

Of course, any type of physical activity is going to alter the number of calories that is right for you. However, the 2160 calories per day we’ve talked about is ideal for very active people.

This will give you enough to maintain the strength to execute your Exercise routines for the day.

If, however, you are not as active and you’re just moderately active, you may want to drop that a couple of 100 calories.

This is because the less active you are, the fewer calories you’re going to burn, and if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain, taking in too many calories, especially if they are the wrong type of calories, could be detrimental.


How Many Carbs Should You Have?

When you’re looking at dietary guidelines put in place by physicians, oftentimes, they suggest between 45% to 65% of your total calorie intake for the day should be carbs. So roughly, that means anywhere from about 220 to 330 grams of carbs.

Suppose you are looking to lose weight, though. You should drop that and try to take in as few carbs as possible. Most suggest under 50 grams a day as long as your position has approved that amount.

This, of course, will change depending on your physical activity levels. If you are highly active, then you’re going to take in more carbs because you’ll be burning more of them throughout the day.


How Can You Tell If You’re Eating Too Many Calories?

The most obvious certain level of weight gain. If you take in too many calories and aren’t burning enough, you will naturally begin to gain weight. But there are other signs that may be indicative of you eating too many calories. Here are some of those signs:


  • The consistent need for a nap directly after eating
  • Prevalent acid reflux
  • finding yourself needing more and more food


Final Thoughts on How Many Calories Should a 120-Pound Woman Eat

The number of calories necessary to maintain or lose weight will depend on the individual woman and several other factors.

But as a standard rule for 120-pound women, they should be extremely active, taking in about 2160 calories. We hope that looking at this has helped you determine how to set up your calorie intake cycle.