How Many Calories Should a 5’2 Woman Eat?

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Depending on your diet type, you may be concerned with how many calories you consume. The number of calories will differ from person to person depending on things like age, sex, body type, height, and physical activity.

One of the aspects that many people don’t understand is the height-to-weight ratio. This is especially true when looking for how many calories you should eat.

For instance, if you’re a woman around 5’2″, the number of calories may be different than that of someone much taller. In the end, calorie intake has very little to do with height. You can also utilize your body mass index to figure out your ideal weight.

So let’s focus on that instead of the actual height of the individual to clearly understand what someone with this measurement should be paying attention to.


What is the Average Amount of Calories?

There is no set idea of the daily intake of calories. This is because the daily intake depends on things like your metabolism, physicality, age, and other aspects.

However, most physicians suggest that the ideal amount of calories to maintain your weight is about 2000 for women and 2500 for men.

When you’re looking to lose weight, that gets cut in half as a way to help your body begin removing unwanted fat. So most dietitians will look at the intake of calories from 1200 to 1500 depending on the above factors.


How Much Should You Eat if You Want to Lose Weight?

The answer to this question depends on the expert you’re talking to. But on average most dietitians and physicians suggest eating bread in 2000 calories a day to lose weight.

They suggest dropping your standard calorie intake by 500 a day, and this should allow you to lose approximately 1 pound a week.

If you’re looking for a more intense reaction and trying to lose as much weight as possible, no matter your body type, you can drop that down to 1200 calories a day.

But most dieticians, fitness experts, and physicians all say that you should not go below 1200 calories a day.


Does it Vary by Age?

Every aspect of your physical being plays a part in your weight loss journey and how many calories you should intake to sustain your body. But, of course, it also depends on what type of lifestyle you live, whether it’s a sedentary one or an active one.

Here’s a quick idea of what calories should be taken in as a female according to your age:


  • 14 – 18: 1800 – 2400
  • 19 – 30: 2000 – 2400
  • 31 – 50: 1800 – 2200
  • 51+: 1600 -2200


Should You Eat More if You’re Working Out?

The amount of calories you intake is affected by everything, including the amount of activity you partake in during the day. To lose weight, many people begin adding exercise to their daily routine, and that means you might need to add a few more calories to your diet.

But this is only true if you are doing moderate to high levels of exercise. If you are doing light exercises like walking, then you should leave your calorie intake alone. The decision on how much to eat is really up to you.


What Kind of Food Should You Eat?

To lose weight healthily is not all about calorie restriction. You have to be eating the right foods too. This means choosing nutrient-dense options and staying away from high carbs and overly processed foods.

To have a good diet and get the most out of your limited calorie count, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, and things that are high in fiber. You will have a good diet by including things like apples, avocados, and eggs.


Final Thoughts on How Many Calories Should a 5’2 Woman Eat

Though height plays a factor in the weight distribution of one’s body, a woman that is 5’2 should still eat the same amount of calories as a woman who is taller. Ideally, this should be between 1500 and 2000 calories a day if she is looking to lose a pound a week.

For more, of course, you can adjust it to your needs but always remember the physician suggests you don’t go any lower than 1200 calories.