Calories burn doing a plank 1 minute

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Man in grey hoodie and shorts doing a plank on concrete outside - Calories burn doing a it in 1 minute.

Planking has become quite controversial in the exercise arena. Some feel they are effective, but the truth is this isometric exercise has many benefits when simultaneously engaging multiple muscles and calorie burning.

It is an exercise used to help strengthen their core muscles and improve their postures, but it can also be used to lose weight. Doing just one minute of planking can burn anywhere between two and five calories.

That might not seem like a lot, but every calorie counts, and the more calories you burn, the more weight you’re gonna lose. So let’s look at what it looks like regarding calories burned doing a one-minute plank.


Is This Too Little?

The key to understanding the impact of adding planks into your workout regime is to understand how many and how long they should be done. According to most experts, planning for a minute is quite a lot of time.

Those that are physical fitness enthusiasts suggest 10 to 30 seconds is plenty to see any type of improvement in your overall physique as well as to burn calories. 

That means that if you’ve made it up to being able to plank one minute, then you have actually built up quite a bit of core strength and achieved a great thing. 


Is Just One Set Enough?

If you’re just sitting out, one set of planks is plenty. After you do this for a little bit, you should be able to build strength up and eventually work your way up to being able to do more sets.

Trainers would say Instead of adding extra sets to start with, you should really focus on lengthening when you’re able to plank.

Once you’ve extended that, you can then begin adding sets. Oftentimes these experts will suggest you work your way up to three sets of 60 seconds. 

Once you’ve worked up to the three sets, though, you can work on adding different types of planks to make your exercise more challenging. Here are a couple of ideas to switch up your planking styles:


  • Low plank
  • High plank
  • Side plank
  • Pulse plank
  • Plank Jack


Are There Any Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Planking?

Plants can grow quite a bit of calorie, but they are by far not the exercise that burns the most calories. Most agree that running and that type of exercise will burn far more calories than planking itself.

Here are some other exercises that burn more calories than planking:


  • Jumping rope
  • Lifting weights pointers to
  • High impact training


Is 1 Minute Planking a Day Good?

Homes are a very simple way to start giving your exercise routine a little boost. They are a whole exercise that is designed to work not only your core but also your lower and upper body. This type of full-body workout is good no matter how much you do it.

In other words, doing planking for one minute a day can actually have some pretty stellar results in the long run. Not only will you be burning calories, but you’ll also be building muscles.


Should You Try to Do It for More Than 1 Minute?

As we said above, most experts would say 10 to 30 seconds in a plank position is sufficient enough to see excellent results. You can work your way up to a full minute for those who want to do a little bit more. But should you go beyond that, that’s really up to you.

Some work up to two minutes worth of planking. But trainers often will suggest not going beyond that. So this is looked at as the maximum amount of time one should spend in a plank position.


Final Thoughts on Calorie Burn after Doing a Plank for 1 minute

When you execute a one-minute plank, you’re burning anywhere between two and five calories. That means that three says that you’re looking to burn anywhere from 6 to 15 calories. 

Of course, you can extend that out and work up to a longer plank time or simply add more challenging forms of planks to heighten that. 

No matter what, planking will help you build core strength and burn some calories, and that’s never a bad thing when you’re trying to tone or lose weight.